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Tanzanian Ministry of Education & Google for Education Conference 2014 Prof. Eustella Bhalalusesa, Commissioner of Education; Albin Mathias, Country Director

Dar es Salaam

November 2014

Segal Family Foundation Annual Meeting Arusha

July 2014

Phase 1 implementations at Soit Sambu, Lake Natron and Nainokanoka Secondary Schools in Ngorongoro District.Photo: Soit Sambu Secondary School, Ngorongoro

June 2014

Education Week left to right: Janice Lathen, Founding Executive Director; Hon. Mizengo Pinda, Prime Minister; Albin Mathias, Country Director


May 2014

Pi­oneer installation at Rigicha Secondary SchoolLeft to right: Cosmas Maghashi, TZ Postal Bank; Ghisango Mwita, Rigicha Sec. School

Mugumu, Serengeti

May 2014

Imarisha Education Conference Arusha

February 2014


Phase 2 implementations at Welwel and Florian Secondary Schools

Photo: Welwel Secondary School, Karatu

May 2013

Powering Potential presents to the Permanent Mission of the United Republic of Tanzania to the United Nations.

Left to right - Denis Petrov, Steve Wasira, Jr., H. E. Ambassador Ramadhan Mwinyi, Janice Lathen, Modest Mero, Anand Sethupathy, Justin Seruhere, Ph.D.

Permanent Mission of the United Republic of Tanzania to the United Nations, New York, NY

May 9, 2013 more photos (scroll down)


Slahhamo-classroom-2012Phase 1 implementations at Slahhamo, Baray and Endallah Secondary Schools.

Photo: Slahhamo Secondary School, Karatu

November 2012

President-Kikwete-Janice-at-State-HousePresident of the United Republic of Tanzania, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete and Janice Lathen, Founding Executive DirectorLunch in Honor of Ambassador Maajar's VIP Safari

State House, Dar es Salaam

June 2012

Ambassador Maajar at Powering Potential schoolTanzanian Ambassador to the U.S. Honorable Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar visits a Powering Potential school

Banjika Secondary School, Karatu

June 2012

Rural-Energy-AgencyPowering Potential signs Tanzanian Rural Energy Agency grant contract

Left to right: Janice Lathen, Founding Executive Director, Eng. Bengiel Msofe, Dir. for Tech. Services-REA, Albin Mathias, Country Director

REA Headquarters, Dar es Salaam

June 2012


President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete and Tanzanian Ambassador to the U.S. Honorable Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar being briefed by Janice Lathen, Founding Executive Director and Walter Minja, Director of ICT

DICOTA convention, Washington D.C.

September 2011

Letter of Support from Ambassador Maajar

In November, Phase 1 of The Technology Tent was completed at Welwel Secondary School and Florian Secondary School. Both schools now have a solar-powered modern computer lab with five PCs and are receiving on-going technology training from graduates of Powering Potential's five-month technology training course.

The U.S. Embassy in Tanzania funded the expansion of the solar energy system at our flagship school, Banjika Secondary School in Karatu. This expansion was completed in May.

Installed 14 more computers at Banjika. The school has 21 computers and is now offering Information and Computer Studies courses to all Form I students (grade 8).

Initiated a five-month technology training course for secondary school graduates. The course is being taught by two Tanzanian teachers, one has a B.S. in Computer Science and the other is a candidate for a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Systems and Network Engineering.

Visited nine more Karatu district schools to determine the sites of our next installations.

The U.S. Embassy in Tanzania invited us to apply for a second grant.

The Tanzanian Rural Energy Agency invited us to apply for a grant.

A front page article about the work of Powering Potential was published in a prominent Tanzanian newspaper - The Daily News.


USAmbassador2U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania

Honorable Alfonso E. LenhardtJustine Joseph, Headmaster – Banjika School

Janice Lathen, Founding Executive DirectorCheck Presentation Ceremony

U.S. Embassy, Dar es Salaam

December 2010

The U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania presented a grant to Powering Potential at a Check Presentation Ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

A satellite dish for Internet access was installed at Banjika secondary school in September and the solar energy system was expanded.

Four computers and a printer were installed at a Maasai secondary school in the Monduli district of Tanzania.

Banjika teachers conducted four technology training sessions in March, June, November and December for a total of seven sessions since 2009.

Janice was an honored guest and spoke at Banjika's graduation ceremony.


During the June school holiday, Powering Potential conducted a four-week technology training course. This course provided extensive hands-on experience and fundamental technology knowledge to the Banjika students.

The Banjika teachers taught two more training sessions.


GraduationSpeech_400Janice spent one month in Tanzania managing the installation of a small computer network at Banjika Secondary School.

Janice accepted an invitation from Banjika to be an honored guest and give a speech at the school's first graduation ceremony in September.

She delivered her remarks in Swahili and as she returned to her seat, people rose to shake her hand.


Janice delivered one laptop to Banjika Secondary School and provided one week of technology training to the teachers and students.

A solar energy system was installed at the school to provide electricity for a soon-to-be-delivered computer network.


Powering Potential was conceived during a safari visit to the Banjika Secondary School in Karatu, Tanzania.

After a safari tourist (Janice Lathen) introduced herself in Swahili, the Banjika students burst into excited applause. This passionate, spontaneous response to someone who spoke their language stunned Janice and she was filled with a sense of being deeply appreciated. She decided then to return to Banjika. Her idea was to raise money to buy computers for the school and to volunteer her time teaching the teachers and students how to use them. Then she learned the school had no electricity.